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Report Summary - 19th June 2021, 514 cards.

Where there is an associated image for a card in this list it is for information/representative purposes only and is not an image of the actual card for sale. Low resolution scans of the card for sale can be supplied upon request.

View'Bochym'front of house, entrance on right, greenhouse and clock tower on left. Open window above porch£5.00
View'Penrose'no border - large stately house, steps on left - A.H.Hawke Photo. on back£7.00
View'The Cottage' Cury Ch.Townnhm - lane with church at end white house on right£20.00
ViewBeach and Cliffs, St.Agnes.sepia view of beach with tide out also bw with basckstamp£3.00
ViewBedruthan Steps Hotel, St.Columb Minor.'The Beaty Spot of Cornwall' - painting of deserted view of building, tennis£7.00
Boscastlerough foaming sea - view of entrance - 'I' on right hand side£2.50
ViewBoscastle Harbour, Rough Seaprinted title - foaming sea over nearest breakwater£2.50
ViewChurch Cove, Gunwalloemuch surf on left, church nestlingon middle right£4.00
Coinage Hall St. Helstonview down street, two cars parked at bottom, Angel Hotel on left£7.50
Greetings from the Lizardcomposite - 2 of Kynance/818/Lizard Light£1.50
ViewHelston from Sithney Common Hillview down lane, telegraph pole on left, church in far centr£7.00
Helston, Coinagehall St.nhm - view down lower end of street, late 30's cars parked at sid£3.50
Helston. St.Michael's Ch.outside from SE, war memorial on right£2.00
ViewKynance Cove, Mullionview from south to Asparagus island on left - glossy print no border£2.00
Mullion Ch.view of wood carvings on pew front£1.50
Mullion Ch.church and churchyard from SE, large borders on left & right£1.50
ViewMullion Cove.nhm - view from north down onto harbour, island top right, same v£4.00
Rough Sea, St.Mawesview west along sea front, waves breaking over wall, castles on h£7.00
ViewSt.Kevernenhm - street with white houses, girl against wall on centre left, Well St on right£16.00
ViewThe Loe Bar, Helstonview west - sun's reflection on sea/pool, silhouetted trees on left£3.00
ViewTrevalga Bay, Boscastlecliffs on right, little surf at base, single rocks in sea.£3.00
Wendron Church.vert - view of lychgate from church door£2.50
View00283St.Ivesmany seagulls obscuring harbour beach£3.50
View00300St.Ivesview from south across bay with many boats in harbour£4.00
View00396St.Agneschimney & buildings on beach to bottom left, cliffs to right£3.00
View00398Hayle Pool and Phillackview over water to three boats sailing, church tower beyond£12.00
View00435A Cave Capel Porthvert, view from inside cave£3.00
View00451Falmouthnhm - steamer 'Princess Victoria' at quayside with people to boar£8.00
View00503Mullion Coveharbour and Mullion Island, view from NE£3.00
View00504St.Agnesview down from west on valley, sea far left, few buildings on valley floor£5.00
00508Mulliontyped title - radio masts on left, surfing amongst rocks in right£3.00
00513Mullion Covetyped title - setting sun's reflection, island to right£1.50
View00592Malpascalm water, large houses on bank of creek, wooded hillsides in distance£6.00
View00605AMullionview out of cave, misty island on horizon, apex of entrance at to£2.00
00627Polurrian Beach, Mullion.man with hat sitting on rock looking at sea to right£3.00
00645Mullionwave crashing over end of breakwater, edge of island on right£3.00
View00659Polurrian Hotel, Mullionview over beach, surfing sea, with hotel to left of large rock pin£3.50
View00679Percuilferry slipway cetre right with figures by water's edge£5.00
00683Mullion Coveview from SE, foaming sea below, hotel on far cliff£1.40
00698Mullion Covebeach level, family group on sand, black rock in forground, sea t£2.50
View00700Mullion Coveview out of cave, man (cropped on some prints) on extreme right en£3.00
00746At The Lizardsemi-silhouette view west of rocky beach, sea to left, headlands£2.50
View00749Church Cove The Lizard3 girls and young boy sitting on boat outside lifeboat station£6.00
View00783Dolor Hugo, The Lizardvert - view out of cave to sea, flat calm£3.00
View00803Veryan Churchinterior view along aisle, font on left£3.00
View00811Lion Rock, Kynancenhm - vert, view south along coast with some surf£3.00
View00818Devils Bellows, Kynance Covespray & surf against rocks£2.00
00818Kynance. The Bellowsfoaming sea in rock cleft.£2.00
View00837Kynanceview across cove from south, half tide little surf£3.00
View00839Horse Rock, Lizardsea to left, large dark headland in centre£3.00
View00845Steeple Rock, Kynancevert - sandy beach and large pointed rock£2.00
View00855Interior of Cave, Kynanceview out of cave, footsteps in sand, opening on right£30.00
View00856Kynancenhm - steeple rock on left, desserted rocky beach£2.00
00860Kynancevert view out of cave£2.00
00861Kynancelooking down on buildings from higher up valley, one missing roof£1.25
View00863Kynancelarge dark cliff face, tide out£2.00
View00870Kynancerough sea, breaker on left£3.00
00872Kynancetowards Lizard islands in centre£2.50
00873Kynanceidentical to 781 - rough sea over rocks at low tide£1.60
00876Kynance Cove. The Devil's Bellows.vert - dark cliff on left, spray in foreground£3.00
View00880St.Mawespeople on quayside waiting to board ferry which is docking£5.00
View00882Kynance CoveAsparagus Island from the south, some foaming sea£2.00
00882Kynance.tide out view from path from south, low level surf on sandy beach£1.25
00883St.Just in Roseland Church.vert - view eastwards along aisle£2.50
View00887Kynance Cove from Asparagus Islandtide out, large rocks on beach, cliffs beyond, view south£1.50
View00891Kynanceview of Asparagas Island from SE, half tide£2.00
View00893Kynanceview down from S, foaming sea, valley on right - as other 893 but£3.00
View00893Kynance Cove'Hawke Helston' on front - view down on cove from south, some sur£1.25
00895Kynance Coveview of Asparagas Island from SE, some foaming sea on left.£2.25
View00899The 'Cutty Sark'.Cutty Sark on left, Foudroyant on right in distance£8.00
View00905Sunset Kynanceview west across Asparagus Island into sunset - as other 905 with different caption style£4.00
00912Sunset, Kynancelarge silhouetted rocks, sun on left horizon - taken within minut£2.00
00913Kynancesepia print, view south, calm sea same as other 913£2.00
View00914Steeple Rock, Kynancerock in centre, sandy in front£2.00
View00930Lizard from Kynancevert - cliffs sea on right, pointed rocks£3.00
View00968Portscathoview over village from south, sea to right£3.00
View00970St.Just Poolcreek with stranded dingies on right£4.00
View00996St.Mawesbowsprit in foreground, Ship & Anchor on left, white tea house on far right£6.00
View00997St.Mawestaken from quay side, man & boy looking down into water, houses o£12.00
View00998St.Mawesharbour with passengers on steamer named Roseland, man & boy in r£6.00
01006Judge Rock, Land's Endvert - balanced rocks on right with proflie of face lower down, s£2.00
View01006Rocks at Land's End vert - dark stack on ricght, triangle cachet£2.00
01015Enys Dodman, Land's Endhole in cliff wuth Armed Knight beyond£1.50
View01016The Longships from Land's Endlighthouse on horizon, cliffs to right£3.50
01020Dr.Johnson's Head, Land's Endcliffs on left around to the Armed Knight - with border£1.25
View01026Pardenack Point, Land's Endvert - Land's End triangle cachet, large rock blocks, sea to left£1.50
01027Portloe5 fisherman on beach, one on left with top hat, seagulls lined up£5.50
01029Land's Endsea to right, layered cliff on left£1.50
View01034A Rough Sea, Land's Endvert - waves crashing on cliffs, black typed title & Land's End c£2.50
01037Land's End Cliffsview identical to other 1037 - small triangle cachet£2.00
View01043Land's Endvert - cliffs and large boulders - triangle cachet£3.00
View01047Gog and Magog,Land's End.HH - close shot of 2 rock columns£2.00
View01048Cliffs at Land's Endvert - seagulls on rocks - triangle cachet£2.00
View01050Cliffs at Land's Endvert - stacked cliff formations - triangle cachet£2.00
01061Enys Dodman, Land's Endrock with arch in f/grnd, armed knight behind£1.50
01064Pordenack Point, Land's Endtriangle cachet, boulder rocks on left, sea to right£1.25
View01064Rough Sea, Land's Endcliffs on right with surf at base, triangle cachet£2.00
01078Tregothnanview of house from side, straight path across lawn£4.00
01082Land's Endsea breaking over the Armed Knight£2.00
01087St.Just in Roselandview down path to church, 1130 on clock, higher up than 1088£1.25
01089Lansage St.Just.view down on thatched cottage in right centre, creek in left cent£4.50
View01109ALand's Endview from NE of cliffs, Longships light in far feint ce£2.00
01110ADr.Syntax Land's Endvert - cachet, close up of rock£1.50
01122AThe Cavern, Land's Endvert - narrow bright entrance to dark cave£2.00
01129ALogan Rock.Man (Hawke?) leaning on rock£2.50
View01132Carnetrack up to cottages in far centre, large overhanging rock on rig£4.00
01132Penberth Covevert - 4 dingies on shore, rocky cliffs beyond, lobster pots bott£4.00
View01133Cadgwithview down on village from west, sea to right, dry stone wall acro£2.50
01136Ruan Minorlarge thatched cottage with wooden gate on left, narrow lane & st£7.00
View01146Kennack.deserted sandy beach with calm sea to left, cliffs beyond£3.00
01147ACarving in St.Levan Church.vert - jester like figure with spoon? on pew end£1.50
01148ACarvings in St.Levan Church6 pew ends - collection box on front one£1.50
View01149BPorthcurno Beach & Castle Trerynview east down on beach, sea to right£3.00
View01150APorthcurnow Beach and Castle Trerynsandy beach in centre, calm sea on right, headland beyond.£2.00
View01169Land's Endcachet - vert view of cliffs towards Armed Knight from SE£3.00
View01173Cliffs at Cadgwithview from sea of large cliff on left with odd seagull£3.00
View01183Sennen Covefishermen sitting outside lifeboat station on left, large dingy and lobster pot on right£15.00
View01197Sennen Coveview down hill, white lane and posts on left, sea on right, flag£3.50
View01214The Wharf, Mouseholecottages next to harbour with boats on left, tide out. Washing on£3.00
01228Mouseholeharbour scene at low tide entrance on left, nets on railings in f£6.00
View01234The Harbour, Mouseholehalf tide, 2 vessels against breakwater on left, others on sand£7.00
01236St.Michaels Mountmount from shore, tide in - bordered version£1.25
View01253St.Michael's Mount.archway on left, castle in distance£4.00
01255St.Michael's Mountlow tide houses at base of mount, dingy on right foreground£1.50
View01268Newlyn Piernhm - down street to harbour, derrick on breakwater, houses on right£10.00
View01311Coverackview across roof tops of village sea to left, washing on hedge b£3.00
01314AMt.Pleasant St., Mouseholevert - narrow street stone steps in centre£2.00
View01319Portscathoview of breakwater£2.00
01319.A.Lamorna Covebreakwater with derrick on right£1.50
View01331Round Houses, Veryanside view of two round houses, car against hedge in middle£5.00
01346Mouseholevert - street with adit in middle£2.50
View01358Froe Creekview doown on large creek£5.00
View01359Lamorna, View from Cliffsborder - rock pile on cliff, sea to right & beyond£1.50
View01359The Manaclescliffs to left, rock outcrop to right£2.00
View01380Newlynvert - Hawke on front - view down street to nets on railing at bo£8.00
View01390The Manaclesvert - view of rocks and rocky beach£3.00
01391The Manaclesrocks at sea which is calm.£1.50
01405Cliff House, Lamornalarge 2/3 storey creeper clad house, long bench seat in centre£4.00
View01415Carn Dhularge lumpy rock formation.£4.00
01423St.Anthony Creekview across creek to church, dingy on shore in forground£4.00
01426Lamornastone bollard in foreground on sea wall, row of cottages on shore£4.00
View01427Lamorna Cove.steamer off pier, man waiting on wall, man in small dingy in fore£8.00
View01429Manaccanvert - view down lane to terrace of whitehouses, 2 figures by nea£5.00
View01435Helford Riverwooded hill on left£3.00
View01437The Fig Tree, Manaccan Churchvert - tree growing out of S wall with props and notice board on£2.00
View01448Penarvon Beach, Helfordacross shore to long house, tide low£4.00
View01452St.Michael's Mtmount from walled terrace, holes in wall£2.50
01464Mouseholeview of harbour, nets on railings on right, family group on harbo£6.50
01468Mouseholevert - Keigwin Arms - man in centre£2.75
View01477St.Michael's Mt.tide in, view to mount with small ferry boats£30.00
View01488Manaccan Churchview up nave to altar pulpit on right,books in foreground£3.00
01511Perranporth. Natural Archvert - view through high arch to sea beyond£1.25
01525Perranporthcliff view, sea on left£2.00
View01527Perranporth Natural Arches.nhm - view out of cave, arch on far left side£5.00
01528St.Anthony Creekview from hillside looking up creek£2.00
View01530Perranporthnhm - no border, sandy dunes, rocks and sea beyond£3.00
View01536St.Anthony Creekview down estuary to sea, buildings on headland on right£2.00
01540Carne, St.Anthony 'Hallowarren' house under trees, lane uphill to left, small outh£4.50
01555Mawgan.view down lane towards church left of centre from under tree£1.50
View01562Helfordview downstream at half water£3.00
01564Helfordview from south, Point on left - scene with many boats£2.50
View01568The Holy Well, Holywell Bay.flowstones in cave£3.00
View01572Holywell Bay.as other 1572 - large rock with arch in centre£1.75
View01575Holywell Bay, The Cartersview across dunes to 2 large pointed rocks at sea.£3.00
View01584Natural Arch, Holywell Bayvert - arch framing view of beach, large rocks in foreground£1.40
01588St.Anthony(in Meneage) - tower on left, 3 tall trees & creek on right£2.50
01618Helfordhalf tide, quayside on left with white flag pole, small boats on£3.50
01629Perranuthnoevillage and church in background, sea to left£3.50
View01631St.Anthony Creekview from south across fields and creek, boat on calm water on left£0.00
View01634Newquayview from harbour towards Tolcarne Beach£4.00
View01635The Dennis Headwith house & sailing boat£3.00
01647Crantock Ch.view east of chancel towards altar£2.00
01650The Gannel, Crantockgrass tufts in foreground, beach and headland beyond£2.50
View01663Gillan.bench and flag pole with creek and headlands beyond, open sea to£4.00
01665Crantock Ch.vert, view of screen, prayer stool in centre£1.50
01694Mawgan Porthview from west across desserted sands with rolling waves from lef£1.25
01704Porth, NewquayNorwegian Rock on left£2.00
View01727Mawgan Ch.interior of church from south door, font on left£30.00
View01728Mawgan Chinterior, lamp in centre top£2.50
View01730The Convent Chapel, Mawgan.interior view towards altar£3.00
01732Pra Sandsdeserted beach, cliffs to left smaller rokcks by sea£2.00
01742Lanherne Conventview of front of building£2.00
View01751Gillanshore scene, figures relaxing, creek to right£4.50
View01756Helfordseveral swans on water in centre, 2 ducks to left£4.00
01756Mawgan Porthview down lane on left to beach, gate across road in distance, wa£3.00
View01762Breage Church.vert - close view of altar£3.00
View01804Kennackview towards the Lizard few people on beach, scrub in foreground£3.00
View01808Kennackbeach with odd figures, tide out to right, large rock on right£3.00
View01818Mawgan-in-Pydarview down lane toward Falcon Inn, house with public telephone on left£4.50
View01829Bessie's Covenarrow cove, couple near dingies in centre, figures on far path£4.50
01854St.Hilary Ch.interior view along nave, large cross above chancel rails£1.25
View01887Bessie's Covelarge wall on left, 3 dingies on right, large white house in far left£4.00
01891S.Hilary Church Avenuevert - tree lined straight road in winter£1.50
View01911St.Michael's Mt.view at low tide showing causeway, black rock on RHS£2.00
View01943Breage Ch.view up nave showing round side arch tops, brass lamps either sid£1.30
View01964St.Michael's Mt.'fairy tale' castle on mount£4.00
02011Shrine, S.Hilary.vert - Madonna figure in wooden case in stone niche, amongst tall£3.50
View02026Praa Sandsnhm - looking east over wide sweep if beach, few figures on sands£5.00
02087S. Hilaryview inside church up nave to large cross£2.00
View02222Pentewan Beachoverlooking the harbour, rigging on ship visible£20.00
View02254Porthluney Covecalm sea to left, dark cliffs with exposed rock at base£0.00
View02258Hemmick Beachsea to right£2.00
View02498Caerhayes Castlefront of castle from the front, 2 cars parked on road by entrance£4.50
View03030Porthleven Ch.vert - view east through rows of chairs to altar£4.00
03062Port Navasframework in valley, flag pole on middle left, creek in distance£2.25
View03064Port Navasview down on creek with large sailing vessel at quay£4.00
03113Port Navas Creekview down on upper creek with house boat on water£6.00
03163Porthlevenrough sea against sea wall/pier£7.50
View03191Porthleven.view over outer harbour, many boats down on left, Breageside opposite£2.00
View03262Porthlevenrough sea breaking over prom, clock tower on right background£5.00
View03507Gunwalloechurch nestling in dunes from SW, farm buiding beyond£3.00
03519Fishing Cove, Gunwalloeview west large house & white wall on clifftop, deep rutted track£5.00
03535Church Cove, Gunwalloe.typed title£4.50
View03564Gunwalloeview north along cliffs sea to left, church & cove hidden on right£3.00
03565Gunwalloevert - view of cliffs£2.50
View03591Cury Church.south view of church from outside stone wall£3.00
View03607Gunwalloe Ch. S.Door and Towervert - tower in hillside, south door of church on right£4.00
View03610Gunwalloe, Fishing Cove.cows in field, sea to left church in right middle distance£2.00
View03616Gunwalloeview of cove from south, church top right£3.00
03618Gunwalloe.animated beach shot, sea to left, clouds prominent£1.25
View03619Gunwalloeview of beach in afternoon sun£4.00
View03622Gunwalloe Fishing Cove.long curving line of surf, sea to left£3.00
View03626Gunwalloechurch exterior, nestling in dunes from NE£3.00
View03635Gunwalloesea rolling in from right, dark cliffs on left£2.00
View03641Gunwalloe.title on left, view of Church Cove£2.00
View03642The Horse's Back, Zennorvert - cutting in cliffs, larger cliff on right£2.00
View03647Horses Back, Zennorvert - narrow cutting in cliff - typed caption£2.00
View03789Gurnard's Headdark image, roughish sea on right£1.50
View03791Zennorvillage viewed from far hill, church to right hedge in foreground£3.00
View04007Land's End from Carn Gloosesea to right, lane winding on left£3.50
View04090Bude2 masted sailing veseel (Ceres?), marker post bottom right, crowds on beac£10.00
View04109Clovelly, Crazy Kate's Cottageview through arch to cottage with boats on stoney beach£3.00
View04112Clovellyvert - view up street, back of man in centre£4.00
View04118Clovellyvert - view down street, woman looking in shop on left, man with£6.00
View04145Steepway, Clovelly.vert - trees on left, steep lane in centre£6.00
View04150Hartland Quaypeople on bench on top of cliff by flagstaff?£1.25
View04152Hartland Quayruine walls in foreground, textured cliffs across water, stoney b£2.50
04169Stoke Hartland Churchvert - view from SE, lantern cross on right, very white cross gra£1.25
04174Stoke Hartlandtwo trees and lych gate in cente, church to rear right, wing of c£3.00
View05008Bedruthan Stepslarge black rock on left, lowish tide sand and smaller rocks exposed£3.00
05012Bedruthan Stepsman on RHS smoking pipe on steps leading down to beach£3.00
05013Bedruthan Stepslow tide, steeple shaped rock on left, large rounder one in middl£2.00
05016Bedruthan Stepstide half out sea on left, black cliffs on right foreground£2.00
View05017Bedruthan Stepsview north, pyramid rock in left centre£1.50
05022Bedruthan Stepsvert - view out of cave, footprints in sand£1.50
05023Bedruthan Stepsview out of cave£1.50
View05025Bedruthan Stepsvert - view out of cave with pointed apex£2.00
05026Queen Bess Rock, Bedruthan Stepsvert - Rock reflected in wet sand as other 5026£1.50
05035Porthcothan Beachtide out, cliffs on either side view out to sea£2.00
View05047Porthcothansingle arched bridge on right, beach beyond£4.00
View05054Bedruthan Stepsview down on large rocks on beach£2.00
05055Bedruthan Stepscalm sea to right.£1.50
View05057Bedruthan Stepssea on left, view down onto pointed rocks£2.00
View05064Porthcothanlarge dark rocks & cliffs, surfing sea to left£3.00
View05065Porthcothanhalf tide on sandy beach, sea to right£2.00
View05067Bedruthan Stepssea on right, pointed rock near card centre, moderate sea surf£1.50
05068Bedruthan.vert - flat topped rock, in foaming sea£1.50
05072Bedruthan Stepsview across small rocks to flat top large rock£1.50
05073Old Bedruthan Stepsvert - view up steps with handrail on right£1.50
05100Rowan Rock, Porthcothanvert - view down from cliffs onto triangular rock in sea£2.00
View05105The Lizardtyped title - rough sea against cliffs on right£3.00
05123Boscastle Cliffsview north across chiff headands, sea to left£1.30
05134Bedruthan Steps.half tide view from south, low on cliff£1.25
View05142Treyarnonview over bay to sea, lone tree left foreground£4.00
View05146Bedruthan Steps.vert - sharp rock silhouetted in calm sea, sun reflecting on sea£3.00
05159Porthmeorsea to right, beach far left distance, some surf around rocks in£4.00
View05171Rocks at Penolver Lizardvert - large tall rock strata£2.00
05172Lizard Lighthousesea on left, lighthouse on far centre clifftop, some surf at cliff bottom£3.00
05186Boscastleboat in entrance as other 5186 but title on right£2.00
05207Polpeor Cove, Lizardvert - view down on steep slip with lifeboat house on left£2.50
05213Old Lizard Headview from west, large cliff on left, smaller rocks in sea.£2.00
View05219The Lizard Lighthousewhite walls at entrance, car in centre, lighthouse buildings beyo£9.50
05236The Lizard Lightlighthouse on headland from east, bright light beam£2.50
View05252Trevose Lighthouse, Padstowlighthouse with fog horn on headland, sea to left£4.00
05265Landewednack Churchview east with door & font on right foreground£1.25
05269Harlyn Bayview across sandy beach, grass covered dune in foreground£1.50
View05275Harlyn Bayrocks, cliffs and beach, sea far right£3.00
View05275Lizard, Church Covesteamer landing people standing on rocks in centre£4.00
View05278Harlyn Bay.view down road snaking to bay£3.00
View05286Harlyn Bayview under bridge£3.00
View05292The Lizard Lightcalm sea to left, dark view, lighthouse beam on far headland.£3.00
05308The Lizardlifeboat station in middle distance, lighthouse on cliffs above£2.00
View05313Lion Rock, Trebarwithlarge lion shaped rock (head to right), boulder strewn beach£2.00
View05315Forrabury Church. Boscastleview eastwards along aisle, white arches on left£5.00
View05322Pentreath Cove.tide out sand & rocks£3.00
05324Trevalga Bay, Boscastlesea on left, 2 large rocks separated from cliffs£1.50
View05326Polpeor, The Lizard.vert, looking down on lifeboat slip from west, sun shining on wat£3.00
View05327Lady's Window, Boscastlevert - rock formation with hole on right£3.00
05329The Lizard Lighthouseview from SE of building on cliff top, fog horn on left£3.00
View05331The Lions Den and Bumble Rock, the Lizard.nhm - 3 masted sailing ship off coast£4.00
05338The Lizardview of lighthouse on far cliff top and lifeboat slip in centre d£1.25
View05350The Lizard Lighthousebeam of light out to left, man on roof£4.00
05352Housel Bay, The Lizard.calm sea to left, lighthouse on cliffs in distance£2.00
05358Cliffs at Tintagelwaves breaking on rocks in a small cove with large conical rock£2.00
05359Cliffs at Tintagelview of headlands and islands, sea to left£2.00
View05379Tintagelview valley down to cove, hotel on RH cliff£4.00
05387Tintagelview down on buildings in valley bottom£1.50
View05389Tintagel Ch.church from gate, bar across gap, RHS door open£3.50
View05397King Arthur' Castle Hotel Tintagelfront entrance from NE£5.00
05426Tregardock Beachvert - sea & rocky beach through cave entrance£1.50
05432Tregardock Beachdeserted beach surrounded by cliffs£1.75
05447Boscastleharbour inlet and large rock island on right£2.00
View05457St.Juliot Ch.interior view NE from font in centre aisle£5.00
05493Tregardockbarren valley down to sea, plank footbridge in foreground£3.00
05549Mawnan SmithRed Lion Pub - thatched inn, lane in front & left carts up lane o£10.00
05578Helford Riverview of river, wheat stooks & dark trees in foreground£3.00
05582Helford Passageview down lane white houses on left, 4 cars and people outside In£3.50
View06039Hellsmouthfoaming sea around foot of cliffs, sea on right£3.00
06065Hellsmouthcliffs sea to right£4.00
06517Land's Endvert - stacked rocks, surfing sea£1.25
View06523St.Buryan Ch.vert view of rood screen - 21st Day on hymn board£3.00
View06543Logan Rock.2 men standing by rock right centre on strata rock£3.00
View06595Squealing Pigvert - cliff rock formation£3.00
View06615Porthgwarrasea to right, dark cliffs on left£0.00
06621Tolpedn-Penwithvert - stacked rock cliffs above sea - black triangle cachet£1.50
06633Cave, Nanjizal Bayvert - view out of cave to sea, boulder floor, parallel cave side£2.00
06637A Cave near Land's End2 large black openings in cliff, some surf at foot of cliffs£1.25
06649Land's End/Wesleycomposite, 6564/4...A/6351/6352/Longships cachet£2.50
View06654The Cavern, Land's End.vert, narrow crack light through cave£3.00
06655Nanjizel Bay.vert - arched buttress arch against cliff on right, sea to left£2.00
View06657The Longshipstriangle cachet - lighthouse in distance, sun reflecting on sea£2.00
06667Land's Endrough sea, cliffs on right - Land's End cachet£1.25
06670Land's Endtriangle cachet - first & last house in right distance£1.50
View06692Land's Endvert - rough sea beating against cliffs on right£3.00
06713Rood Screen, St.Buryan3 views of screen£2.00
View06716St.Buryan.church from road on SW, telegraph pole on right - deserted scene£3.00
View06728Treryn Dinas from Porthcurnosurf at base of cliffs, sea to right, Treryn Dinas in distance£2.00
06730Porth Chapel Porthcurnowsurfing sea on sandy beach in cliffs, sea to left£1.50
06732Rospletha Cliff Porthcurnocliffs with 4 houses at top, sea to left£3.25
06744Sennen Covecliff pathin far right distance, looking down on village with Whitesand Bay on left£1.50
06745The Irish Lady, Land's Endwaves breaking over large with small rock on top£1.50
06772A Cottage at Treenlarge thatched cottage behind stone walls with 'Ivy Farm' on gate£4.00
06773Castle Treryncliffs & headland, sea to right£1.50
06780Portcurno Cliffs.vert - sea with surf on left large rock in centre£1.25
View06786Penberth Coveview inland, boats on beach, cottages to right£5.00
06791S.Sennen Chbehind wall from SE£1.50
View07008Port Isaacview of cliffs sea to right£3.00
07029Cliffs at Nanjizal.rough sea, cliff with arch on left as other 7029 - retitled old c£1.75
View07030Port Gavernview toward beach from west side, 2 boats on far left£6.00
07035Nanjizal Bayvert, cliffs view, sea to left£2.00
View07041Sennen Chvert - church tower and porch from outside wall£4.00
View07069Port Gavernseveral people on beach, 2 boats afloat, coil of rope in left for£2.75
07075Porth Chapelvert - view of beach, sea to right, sunny day deserted sand£2.75
View07080Port Gavernview from west of long buildings in valley£1.00
07090Castle Treryn from Porthcurnoview down from cliff sea to right little surf£1.50
View07092Port Gavernview of cove with boats drawn up, figures on shoreline, lane on r£5.00
07108Land's Endview from cliffs to lighthouse in distance, some surf halfway on£1.50
07163Pednavounder Beachcalm sea to right, dark cliffs on left & sandy beach£1.75
07174Portcurno Cliffsview down on cove, 2 figures on sandy beach, sea to right, large£0.00
08025Coverackview to west, 2 men sitting on railings by side of road, figures£5.00
08048Porthallowview down on village to sea from SW, lane on left.£1.50
View08132Coveracktwo men sitting on boat by harbour slip£4.00
08147Porthallowview down to sea, group of cottages centre left, house on far lef£4.00
08172Porthallowrocks in sea to left, boats on beach, track up far hill£2.50
08184Coveracksea on right, houses spread around sweep of bay, fence posts in f£3.50
08200Porthoustockthatched cottages with white walls, large triangle dove cote on g£6.50
08211Coveracklarge thatched white cottage on left, half tide down on right£3.50
View08216Coveracklifeboat & dingies in harbour£2.00
View08245Porthallowbridge over stream on left, car outside bungalow in centre£3.00
08247Coveracknhm - view from NW down on village, stone wall in f/g£1.50
11604Crantock Beachgrass & dunes sweep of bay beyond, sea to right£2.00
11608Crantock Beach.dunes & River Gannel, footprints in sand near camera£2.50
View11611Goose Rock, Crantock.rock island on left beyond sandy beach£3.00
11613Crantockwhite cottages on right of square, shodow across wide road£5.00
View11617Crantock Charch.vert - rood screen£30.00
View11618Goose Rock. Crantocktwo figures on ridge, islands and sea behind£3.00
View11631Porth Jokedeserted beach at low tide, sea to right£3.00
11637The Stocks Crantockclose up of stocks£1.50
View11683Crantock Ch.interior view to screen from left side£40.00
12624The Atlantic Hotel, Newquayview across beach to hotel on cliff, 3 figures on sandy beach£3.00
View13369St.Ives.view north across harbour to boats and breakwater£4.00
View14003Pencannow Point, Crackington Havenrocky beach, large cliff beyond, large rock on left£3.00
View14011Pencannow Point.vert, cliff on right, half tide£3.50
14039Coombe Valleycottage (tearooms) in middle, lane from middle left to bottom RHS£2.50
14043Coombe Valleyfootbridge on left over stream£2.00
View14051Coombe Valley.cottage with 2 chimneys on left, stream on right,seat by cottage£2.00
View14053Welcombe Valleydark view down valley, track across foreground£3.50
14059Coombe Valleywater wheel on left with grinstone against wall, children looking£3.00
View14068Coombe Valleythatched cottage with track on right to sea£3.00
View14075The Beach, Welcomberocky beach, sea to right, dark cliffs on left£4.00
View14139Millhooksea to left, dark cliffs to right£30.00
14143Millhookgroup of white buildings right centre, sea to left, shed on extre£3.00
View14147Millhookzigzag lane down on left, beach and sea to right£4.00
View14199Marsland Mouth.vert, stream flowing down rocky valley to sea in distance£3.00
View14232Morwenstow Church.vert - view over pew to pulpit on left and lecturn£30.00
View15005Widemouthhouses on cliff top, sea to right£5.00
15008Widemouthcar on road down to surfing sea£3.00
View15014Widemouth, Budepavillion by beach, sea on left£4.00
View15015Widemouthlone rock on tide line to left, rocks in shadow on right£3.00
View15019Widemouth, Budeview north, sea surf, rock strata£3.50
View15504Bucks Millold lady on beach, lime kiln on right, coastguards cottage£4.50
View15506Bucks Milllooking up valley inland, thatched cottage on right, wall in foreground£5.00
View15507Bucks Millvert - view of slipway down to beach. Gallantry Bower in distance£4.50
View15511Bucks Milltwo cottages and low buildings on left£4.50
View15524Buck's Mill.two buildings nesling in valley, sea to right, low tide£4.00
View15534Bucks Mill.boat on track - sea on right, ramp down to beach on right£4.50
View16055Old Bridge, Brendonvert - ivy covered bridge with trees£4.50
16079Town Farm, Countisbury Hilllane with large white walled house on right with tall chimney£6.00
View16089Lyn River near Brendonvert - view downstream, small plank bridge across, house up on ri£5.50
16102East Lyn at Rickford.sepia print - view up rocky river£3.50
View16122Church Hill, Brendonsepia - woody valley lane on left - dual title (new/old styles)£5.50
View17013Hellsmouthcliffs, rough sea on left£2.00
17020Hellsmouth Cliffsview from on top cliffs, sea on right£1.50
View17028Gull Cove, Portreathrocks in sea, land to right£3.00
View17048Gwithiancurve of sandy beach on right, Godrevy island on horizon£3.50
View17097Gwithianlarge rock on beach in foreground with coast looking back to ligh£3.50
17722Mullion Churchview of interior to rood screen£2.00
17723Mullion Ch.vert - nave to rood screen£1.50
View17753Mullion Coverocky outcrop from sands£3.00
17754Mullion Coveview down onto harbour, tide out boat on sand, large mole on RHS£2.50
17755Mullion Cove.view down on sea, island to right, no harbour walls in sight£2.00
17756Mullion Coveview of slipway from breakwater, 2 small boats in foreground£5.00
17760Mullion Coveboat on beach on left, nets on railings, view SW£1.50
17761Mullion Coveharbour from N, with fishing boats moored£3.50
17770Mullion Ch.view of south aisle£1.50
View17775Poldhu Mullion.view south across cove to hotel on far clifftop£3.00
View17780Mullion Covesimilar to 5134, sunlight relecting off sea, island to right.£1.50
17786Mullionview north to hotel on cliff, fence near camera£2.00
View177?4Poldhu Covedtd 25-nov-1949, 5 people on beach/in sea£2.50
17811Mullion Ch.view up north aisle to chapel£1.50
View17813Mullionnhm - view from hotel grounds down on harbour wall on left, island far right£3.00
View17819Mullion Coveview down onto harbour from inland, boat on road in front of larg£2.50
View17820Mullion Coveview from N onto cove, island on right, lane with gate & railings£3.00
17828Mullionview from north onto harbour, small group on sand in harbour - ti£1.20
17829Mullionview from SE down on harbour£1.50
17833Mullion Coveview of harbour from SE, people on outer breakwater looking at bo£1.50
17849Mullion Covebeach level view of island, sun behind cloud - (lens flare spot l£1.25
View18050Path to Hangman Beach, Combe Martinsepia print - winding path from cliff top down to rocky beach bel£5.50
View18062PortreathLyons Tea teahouse in centre beyond bridge men leaning on wall£6.00
19006Portreath.rocks off cliffs, sea to right£4.00
21538St.Buryan Ch.interior view up nave to screen, piped heating in foreground£2.00
View21588The Pipersvert - 2 large stones, men by each looking upwards (2 views joined together)£6.00
View21683Holywell BayMonkey rock in lower foreground, sea to left£2.50
View21805Cadgwithview from west above village, sea to right, few houses on hillsid£3.00
View21806Cliffs near Cadgwithsea on left£2.50
View21809Cadgwithsea on right, view from one cliff top to other, white flag pole t£4.00
View21817Cadgwithview of beach with rough surf sea, houses on right£4.50
View21839Kennackpeople on beach, on right parked cars, men on bikes£5.00
View21843Kennackbeach scene with large rock on right, 2 figures with white hats b£3.00
View21844Kennackrocky beach scene, single figure on cliff top left£4.00
View21855Kennack Sandshalf tide exposed rocks on left£3.00
View22014Kennackrough sea breaking over rocks£3.00
View22023Kennackview down lane to bay, sea to right£4.00
View22027Cadgwithfar view of village, sea to left, dark trees in foreground£4.00
View22029Cadgwithdown road to sea, white cottages on right with Fore Sale sign, co£9.00
View22035Cadgwithview across some rooftops, rocks in sea, large house on cliff£3.00
View22054Cadgwith.view down on boats on shore, another turning in cove£2.00
View22057Cadgwithview down village, water butt on left£3.50
View22060Cadgwithmany boats drawn up on beach, sea to right£3.00
View23020The Devil's Frying Pan, Cadgwith.vert - view of collapsed cave, arch remaining£2.00
ViewAltarnunNo.5Altarnun Ch.long altar rail£2.00
ViewCadgwithN.5.Cadgwithsimilar to 22057, man carrying wicker basket with 2 children on r£7.00
Drawingsink line drawing of ???? church by Cecily Daubney dtd 1929£2.00
DrawingsLand's End, Cornwall where Wesley wrote his well-known5 views of Land's End with Wesley in centre - T.H.Victor artist w£2.50
DrawingsThe Keigwin Arms, Mousehole.nhm - T.H.Victor artist, plus description, woman by doorway in ce£1.75
ViewEventsMr James Carne talking to the Princeno border, glossy print, Prince George in open carriage speaking to old man£10.00
EventsNo.4(Helston)crowd at top of Coinagehall street outside shop on right. Men wit£26.00
ViewGodolphin01795Godolphin Housefront elevation from front driveway£4.00
Helston Furry Dance'In That Old-fashioned Town' The Furry Dance .......long typed caption, composite of 6 views, Grylls Monumnet bottom£6.00
ViewHelston Furry DanceHELSTON FLORAchildren's procession going down hill in Meneage St, flags across street.£4.00
ViewHelston Furry DanceHELSTON FLORA DAYvert - typed title - 3 views (1950s?)£5.00
ViewHelston Furry DanceHELSTON FLORA DAYtitle in capitals - adult dance moving to left behind low hedge£4.00
Helston Furry DanceHelston Furrynhm - first couples behind band dancing in garden with vines gro£10.00
Helston Furry DanceHelston Furry Dancecouples exiting wisteria house going left£6.00
Helston Furry Dance11.Helston Furry Dancerschildrens procession leaving wisteria house , walking to left£6.00
Helston Furry Dance15.couple dancing to left across lawn, house on RHS, also outbuildin£5.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance19.Helston Furry Dancechildrens procession emerging from wisteria house, woman's back left foreground£11.00
Helston Furry Dance25.Helston Furry.children dancing in front of adults on lawn£5.00
Helston Furry Dance26.Furry Dance, Helstonadult procession exiting house around small oval lawn outside Les£4.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance28.view up narrow street, adult dance, shop window with posters centre far right£5.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance28.flat hatted couples walking in park - Hawke ink backstamp£6.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance29.Helston Furry Dancecouples dancing to left outside house with wisteria.£10.00
Helston Furry Dance31.Helston Furry Dancecouples dancing outside house in Cross Str - sunny - lamppost spr£8.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance39.children processing in Cross Street to west£4.00
ViewHelston Furry Dance8.4 couples dancing on lawn, 2 on right are RAF officers£8.00
Helston Furry DanceNo.1dancing on bowling green by gatehouse, taken from SW£6.50
Helston Furry DanceNo.11bearded gent in foreground, man with boater in middle, ['Helstone£5.00
Helston Furry DanceNo.17.nhm - adult dance in Cross St, stick bearer right of centre, man£5.00
ViewHelston Furry DanceNo.2RAF couples leading walking procession.£8.00
ViewHelston Furry DanceNo.3no border - ckstamp, crowd in park, man with long pole£4.00
ViewLifeboatsNo.6(Lizard Lifeboat)nhm - lifeboat at end of ramp just hitting the sea (Lizard?)£9.00
ViewMiscellaneousCornwall County Dairy School, St.Martin.nhm - group shot of uniformed women, 2 lads and man with shotgun£12.00
ViewPortraits(girl & boy)vert, girl on left in front of chair with arm on younger boy's choulder£6.00
ViewPost WarBreage Church. Nave (E)nhm - directly east along nave, gate across chancel entrance£3.00
ViewPost WarBreage Church. Nave. E.nhm - view towards altar seen through screen£2.00
ViewPost WarCadgwithnhm - sea to right, view from west, buildings on level areas, sheds bottom left£4.00
ViewPost WarCadgwithnhm - many small boats drawn up on beach, sea out to right£4.00
ViewPost WarCoveracknhm - sea to left, stone wall of Paris Hotel on righthouse on shoreline beyond£4.00
ViewPost WarDockyard. Mylor.nhm - view from dockyard towards churchyard on left£2.00
Post WarHelfordnhm - view upstream, 3 swans on left£2.00
Post WarHelfordnhm - vert view upstream, boathouse on left, dingy in bottom left£3.00
Post WarHelstonnhm - view across Coronation Lake to town, church tower on skylin£3.00
Post WarManaccan Church.nhm - fig tree and door from SW as number 15, spikey bush extreme£2.00
ViewPost WarMill Quay. Mylor Bridgnhm - quay across very high water no boats on water large white house on left, vessel extreme right£4.50
Post WarPorthallow.nhm - village nestling between hills£4.00
ViewPost WarSt.Anthony Churchnhm - view across churchyard to church from NE£5.00
ViewPost WarSt.Anthony Church.nhm - interior up nave, pulpit on right£2.50
ViewPost WarSt.Keverne.nhm - across square to church in centre, Rule's on left, war memorial on right 3-45 on clock£0.00
ViewPost WarThe Lizard Pointnhm - lighthouse on far cliff from east, sea calm£3.00
ViewPost WarWall Paintings Breagenhm - vert view through arch to wall£3.00
ViewPost WarBreage Church.nhm - view of church from NE, several cars in right foreground£3.00
ViewPost War00008Dockyard. Mylor.nhm - view across water to dockyard from higher ground, large whi£4.00
Post War00012Gunwalloechurch from north with cove beyond, churchyard wicket gate open, gravestones on right£4.50
Post War00014Manaccan Church.nhm - interior view towards altar, wooden pulpit on right£3.00
ViewPost War00018Mylornhm - view north across village, inlet on right£4.50
Post WarA.106Helfordhouse by creek entrance with dingy on davitts£4.50
Post WarA.205Coverack.view along coast into village from NE, harbour far left, white co£4.50
Shipwrecks'Alexander Yates'vert - 3 masted sail vessel, cliffs behind£15.00
ViewShipwrecks(Cromdale)vessel mostly submerged, bow to left, surf around£15.00
ViewShipwrecks'Herzogin Cecilie'two groups of men left & right of card, on cliff watching boat.£14.00
ViewShipwrecks(Ocklinge)close view of bows on rocks, boat alongside, lifeboat on davitts£22.00
Shipwrecks'Pindos' at Coverackview of vessel lying on port, on side from rocky cliffs£5.00
Shipwrecks'Soluto'3 masted vessel in surf, St.Michael's Mt on right£18.00
ShipwrecksWhite Star Line 'Suevic' wrecked at the Lizard SundaySunday March 17th 1907 - black writing caption on sea£15.00